Foxy Bubbles

Doug Wilson originally wrote a piece on the Vision Forum scandal where he applauded DP’s “confession” and alluded that the woman in question was a Delilah or a “Foxy Bubbles.”  Now, Wilson is smart.  He doesn’t actually call the intern “Foxy Bubbles,” but the connection is hard to miss.  He doesn’t actually excuse DP’s behavior, but he plays the line “no one should say anything until they know what’s going on” with the qualification “no one will know what’s going on.”  Problem is evidence is coming to light.   He notes,

The point is that patriarchy is inescapable, and our only choice is between men being faithful, for blessing, and men failing, for humiliation and chastisement. The thesis is not that men are good, but rather that men are crucial. When they are crucial and selfish, a lot of bad things happen. When they are crucial and obedient, a lot of good follows.

As is the problem with everything Wilson writes, it sounds good on paper but there is so much ambiguity here.  He denies that the VF system, or the system that created VF, is to blame.  His reason, “Men will be men.”   What isn’t said and what is on everyone’s mind concerning the elephant in the room, is the implied “Delilahs will be Delilahs.”