Van Ruler: Meaning of the Mosaic Law for Today

For example, it has quite recently again been noted (by Prof. Dr. A.A. Van Ruler of the Netherlands) that “the whole of existence proceeds from the Torah (or the Pentateuch): marriage, sexuality, property, law, punishment, government, etc. If the life of the individual and of society is to be arranged in accordance with theknowledge of the Lord and His salvation and His Law, we will have to apply the Mosaic Law and to impose it upon the nations of the earth… The whole Torah returns

in our Christian existence; but it returns in a divine way (through the incarnation of God the Son)… Therefore we will have to refrain from the narrowness and the rigidity of the sect, which knows only of the continuity (but not of the development of the Torah in New Testament times)… We have to stand amid history and to remain opento every new historical situation… We must act according to the times and opportunities… For example…, in the Mosaic Law the death penalty applies even to homosexuality. We cannot do this right now. Our society does not tolerate that divine holiness! But we may not say that we are too civilized to do this. We would do better to lament about the level of unholiness of our own societyeven as we take the weakness of our times into account!”
A.A. Van Ruler:The Meaning of the Mosaic Law, 1947, in Theological Works(Nijkerk, Netherlands: Callenbach), 1969, Vol. I, p. 143 qtd in F. N. Lee, Christocracy, p. 10.
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