Scandal and the Swarming Doctrine

In the mid-2000s the U.S. did their usual “war games” in order to prepare for a war in the southern Middle East.  They lost.  Badly.  The retired officer who defeated the U.S. used the doctrine of “swarming.”  Using lots of small units to pin down larger entities.

That’s because U.S. military leaders have not sufficiently grasped that even quite small units — like a platoon of 50 or so soldiers — can wield great power when connected to others, especially friendly indigenous forces, and when networking closely with even a handful of attack aircraft.

Some might think I am myopic on the Vision Forum scandal.  I probably am.   I’ve also seen first-hand how strong their ability to silence people is.    What most people don’t know is that the original Kinist website was Little Geneva.   There were three Reformed men always attacked by them:  Doug Wilson, Doug Phillips, and R.C. Sproul Jr.   Eventually, Doug Phillips’ aids were able to silence and dismantle Little Geneva.  You might be saying, “Good, the Kinists deserved it.”  Well, maybe they did, but this had the beauty and effect of a precision strike.   A precision strike that one day might be pointed at others.

Which means you and I do not stand a chance.   However, in battle timing is sometimes more important than strength or numbers.  Lots of things are coming to light and it is having an avalanche effect.

On the flip side, though, defamation lawsuits are hard to win.