Of the (Amero)Russians, I was foremost

I get told that I know little of Orthodoxy.  It’s hard to know what to make of that claim.   Certainly with regard to Triadology, the Fathers, and Christology I know as much as the next EO apologist.  I certainly know more than the average Babushka.  Presumably, that’s not what they have in mind.   Usually it is with regard to criticisms I make of EO on tradition and praxis.

What is interesting is that from 2010-2013, both when I was pursuing Orthodoxy and later critiquing it, Orthodox converts and apologists were emailing me and asking for my articles on Trinitarianism, Scripture, Vladimir Putin, Slavic Monarchy, and Holy Russia (unless you can find those on archive.org, I have no idea how to access them).  But now that I disagree with EO conclusions, I suddenly “don’t know anything.” Wisdom is justified by her children!  It’s kind of funny, actually.

I taught myself the basics of Russian.  I can still read the alphabet and basic news headlines.   My vocab is rusty, but that’s because I decided to focus on Hebrew instead, seeing it would pay more dividends.  I then read all the Russian masters–not just the theological ones, but Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin, and Gogol.   In fact, I even look like Pavel Tsatsouline!   We have the same receding hairline and facial structures.  Which of the convertskii can say that?


Thoughts on the New Russia

Among those who’ve switched to Orthodoxy is a renewed interest in Russia as the new focal point of truth, order, and civilization.   While that thesis is admittedly strange at first, it bears pondering for a moment.  I will consider the thesis, urge one to reflect on some legitimate insights it makes, then severely qualify it and suggest that its proponents are projecting their own values onto Russia and Putin.


  1. It is true that the Bilderbergs, an institution of Satan if there ever were one, hates Putin and wants his destruction.  (There has been some evidence of attempted assassination plots.)  Russian leaders are not invited to Bilderberg conferences.
  2. Russia opposes the satanic designs of Hillary Clinton and neo-liberalism.  American taxpayers on the other hand are forced to finance these plans despite their wishes.
  3. Contrary to how American leadership acts, Russia is a beacon of stability in the Middle East.
  4. Russia’s victory over the Israeli- and American-led Georgian army probably stopped World War III.

But consider this
(The convertskii have not seriously considered the problems that the New Russia faces)

  1. While it is true that there is a renewed interest in Orthodoxy among Russians, it seems it is too little, too late.   While there was a spike in the numbers in the 2000s, that has tapered off for now.
  2. Putin is a liberal, not a conservative and certainly not a nationalist.  It was Hackard’s article that really stopped me cold in my tracks in early 2012.
  3. While conservative Russians may share some of your values on sex and abortion, would you really feel at home if dropped off in Moscow?  Cultural values are not simply checking off a list on topics like abortion and homosexuality.  It is embodying the traditions of an ethnos, and these traditions are not interchangeable always with other cultures.
  4. Do you really plan on learning Russian? It’s hard for Westerners, and I say this as someone who is good at languages.