Did 2 of my PB comments get deleted?

I started a thread on Jack Chick at Puritanboard. Yes, I know he is off-base and I don’t take him seriously.  I intended several things to happen from that thread, one of which was to highlight Jesuitism and Conspiracy Theories.   When I got back from church, the thread was closed.   Not only were some of my comments missing, but those referencing Alvierdo were also missing.

As I tried to make clear–but that comment is now missing–I don’t really care whether Alvierdo was a CIA spy or not.   The other information about the Jesuits–claims that Turretin and Hodge were not afraid to advance–is public knowledge.  I did some research on Alvierdo and noted that two of his biggest detractors were Rome (no surprise) and Christianity Today (probably no surprise).

Puritanboard: 7 Years and 1 Year later

I joined Puritanboard about seven-ish years ago.   When I pursued Eastern Orthodoxy I sort of faded out of it. I came back last year and these are my observations:

  1. Seven years ago few of the main characters would tolerate any criticism of George W. Bush and the Federal Government.   Now with the Obama administration, everyone is talking like I used to talk.
  2. While I am not a theonomist anymore, and few PB members are, most realize that the Klinean alternative is simply ethical chaos.
  3. I pointed out long ago that the Republication of the Covenant of Works is simply a very polished dispensationalism (and dispensational scholars today agree).  Now, most PB members agree.
  4. Unfortunately, much of the old “bourgeoisie” mentality firmly entrenched.