Hume, England Hath Need of Thee

In light of my comments on the covenanters embarrassing the modern Reformed…

I have no problem with people critically evaluating miracle traditions.  But in our fear of Rome and Charismania, we must be careful not to do so in a way that completely surrenders the Faith to David Hume.  Hume would have made mincemeat of a recent thread discussing this.

NeoPuritan:  God doesn’t work extraordinarily like that any more.

David Hume: I agree, but I will raise you one:  Do you really believe God doesn’t work in such extraordinary manners?

NP: Yes.

Hume:  Further, would you not agree also that a miracle is an irregular occurrence (earlier in my career I said “violation,” but that was too strong a term) in nature?

NP: Yes.

Hume: What constitutes an “irregular” occurrence?

NP:  Something outside of God’s normal providence?

Hume:  What constitutes “normal?”

NP: Something outside the laws of nature.

Hume: And we shouldn’t believe God works that way?

NP:  Correct.

Hume:  What about Jesus’s Resurrection?