Beer Journal: Abita Abbey Ale

There is this Arab gas station in town that sells quality beers for well under the retail price (I’m pretty sure something illegal is involved, but I can’t prove it and I don’t want to know). I went there today to get a pint of this Chocolate Stout that has a relatively high alcohol content (but won’t get one drunk) and a rich taste.   They were out of that.  There was the Abita Andy Gator, which is an okay brew, but I wanted something more.

I saw they had an Abita Abbey Ale.  While I was initially wary, it did promise a “liquid bread” experience, and I love thick beers.  That’s what I left with. 


Opening:  Strong, bold opening taste.  Very fresh and clean. It promises a caramel taste but I didn’t notice it.

Finish:  Have you ever tasted an overipe fruit or strong tart taste?  That’s what it reminds me of, yet it wasn’t unpleasant.  

Overall:  4 out of 5 stars.  Will purchase again if there isn’t the chocolate stout available.  Not the best beer I’ve ever had (still partial to Nevada Stout) but superior to the Samuel Adams’ varieties.

Beer Journal: Dewar’s White Label

Yes, I know Scotch is not a beer, but I didn’t feel like creating a new category.  I normally avoid hard liquor but I realized I needed to be a good Presbyterian and drink Scotch. I didn’t want to splurge, which meant all of the good single malts were out.   I saw a good deal on Dewar’s White Label.


1.  Fairly cheap, but it isn’t rotgut.
2.  Mixes well with soda and quite good over rocks.


1.  Disgusting if taken straight.
2.  Doesn’t have a heavy peaty taste normally associated with Scotch.

Beer Journal: Southern Tier’s Choklat

This may be the most perfect beer I’ve ever had.

Why do most people drink? To enjoy quality and to feel good and relaxed.  What is the number one problem with drinking:  the loss of rationality which leads to hangovers and destructive decisions.   Here is why this beer is great:   with its 10% alcohol content, it gives the “relaxed feeling” but it doesn’t have the hangover effect.  I doubt you will drink more than one because it is expensive and filling.   You literally get the best of both worlds.

It has a stout beginning and a chocolatey finish.   Most stores will sell around $5 a pint.   It’s somewhat pricey, but it is perfect for the “once in a while” special.  While it won’t give you a hangover, I would not drink it and drive or operate farm tools.

Beer Journal: Imperial Bock

I decided to try the Pint of Sam Adams’ Imperial Double Bock.   Overall a very fine beer.  It looks smooth but it finished thick.  You can definitely taste the heavier alcohol content (9.5%).  While it cost $5, considering both the high quality and the Pint size, it’s a reasonable price.  Definitely will try again.

Beer Journal, Entry 3

I can’t remember if I had already reviewed “Beck’s Sapphire.”  I have had it before and I had a high appraisal of it then.   Perhaps I was in the same situation as the wedding host in John 2 concerning the good wine.  In any case, I thought it was darker and bolder (no doubt due to the misleading case).  It has a sharp flavor, yet without the overkill that haunts some of the Samuel Adams’ vintage IPAs.  It doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste, which often happens with dark lagers.  It’s almost like a Heineken without the “skunky” flavor and smell.