Fearfully disagreeing with Carl Trueman

I used to be a critic of Trueman, but he won me over in the course of the years.   His works on John Owen show just how sharp a theologian he is.   Still, I have to disagree with him on the literary aesthetic of the Southern Presbyterians.

He writes,

 What a pair of tedious prose stylists!  Berkhof (note the spelling, Del) wrote a dictionary; dictionaries are meant to be boring; that’s the deal.  But these guys wrote continuous prose that is too often as wooden as it comes — except, of course, when Dabney is hating, which he does do exceptionally well at times.

I disagree.  Both gentleman had mastered Milton and Gibbon.  Dabney can be laborious at times, but he often soars the heights.  Thornwell is about as close as one can come to truly classical American literature.