Logic as a spiritual discipline

This is from Dallas Willard’s The Great Omission.  I don’t really recommend the book, but one chapter was pure gold.

It requires the will to be logical (182).

  • freedom from distraction
  • willingness to follow truth wherever it takes

Committed to logic as a “fundamental value” (183).

Jesus uses enthymemes.

And if anyone says, “Logic kills spiritual experience,” or “that is a Western thing,” all I can respond is you are not being faithful to the example of Jesus.  Take it up with him.


2 comments on “Logic as a spiritual discipline

  1. Eric Castleman says:

    Who argues that logic is a western thing? I think the lack of it is a western thing. However, reliance on Platonic ideas is a western thing, no matter how well they use those things in their outlook or not.

  2. Who argues? Basically every convertskii book I’ve come across along with most of the commenters at Orthodox Bridge.

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