An Olive branch to the Orthodox?

Maybe.  While I criticize the weaker and more beggarly arguments against Reformed Protestantism, I fear that might mean I don’t see anything good in Orthodoxy.  I want to put that misconception to rest.

To Those Orthodox Who Fight the New World Order

My hat is off to you.   You have seen the occultic underpinnings of modern society.  You know that the Regime wants (and pursues) a war to the death with any kind of principled Christianity.  You have refused to compromise with Freemasonry and the power elites. The mainstream Orthodox do not love you, yet you truly know St Cyril of Jerusalem’s statement, “In the last days believers will fight with antichrist in the flesh.”

If some Reformed guy came up to me and said, “I think I might convert to Orthodoxy because, you know, liturgy and apostolic succession and the are ‘the only True Church (TM)’ and stuff,” well, that is not intellectually justifiable or warranted.

But if someone came up to me and said, “I’ve really wrestled with what Fr Raphael Johnson has been saying and I think he has a point…I think I might become ‘true’ Orthodox.”  Well, I will disagree with you, but as long as you know the hardship ahead of you, I can respect that.  And I can join you in our fight against Antichrist.

But now comes the dialectic.  Now comes the antithesis.  What of Orthodoxy in America today?

Will They Become Liberal Hipsterdox?

Maybe.  It will be worth watching. While I have problems with the former Metr. Jonah’s semi-Pelagianism, he was removed in areas for which he probably took biblical stands.   I hope American Orthodox can resist the Lavender Mafia.   Until two years ago, my money would have been on OCA that they could.  I am not so sure anymore.  The Greek church, while conservative in conciliar theology, is liberal in social issues.

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  1. John* says:

    The OCA lost its way when ADM (that is Arthur Daniels Midland – the agri-business giant) asserted itself as its chief financial sponsor. I think the death of the website on
    11.9.11 is evidence.


    Mark Stokoe’s farewell comments in this, his last post, are pious euphonious flummery in contrast to the “behind the scenes” pressure that went close him down.

    More generally, there is an extraordinary parallel between those who see themselves as the “true Orthodox” and the more reactionary elements in the Roman Catholic Church . . such as:

    Elements that in 2014 we identify as Opus Dei, the Neocatechumenal Way, Focolare, Communion e Liberazzione, the Legionaires of Christ, the Society of St Pius X, the Lefebrists, the Catholic Church’s “Temple Police”, individuals such as Popes Pius IX, X, XII, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Cardinals Pell, Burke, Sodano, Ottaviani, and so on – almost ad infinitum.

    Once you see the parallel, and of the increasingly desperate attempt by these reactionaries in Rome to cling to power, rather than be swept away, I suspect your diagnosis will be far sharper than it is now.

    I trust that this assists.


  2. John Bugay says:

    The Greek church, while conservative in conciliar theology, is liberal in social issues.

    The writer at left the Eastern Orthodox church after about a dozen years there, and what you say here is a primary reason for it, if I recall.

    • John* says:

      John Bugay,

      You can extend this to all Greek administrations worldwide who relate to the “Ecumenical Patriarch” currently (but for how long???) resident in Istanbul (the old Constantinople)..

      Even Constantinople is getting liberal on conciliar theology issues – especially with their attempted rapprochement with Rome.

      That is why the more conservative Moscow Patriarch is now looked-to virtually worldwide as the de-facto “Ecumenical Patriarch” by Orthodox conservatives, and is in active competition with Constantinople to attract to itself the more conservative elements within the “Constantinople orbit”.

      I trust that this assists.

      • John Bugay says:

        Thanks John – there may be more “rapprochement” – “Pope Francis” seems to be all in favor of the Ravenna document. (Last time I looked, the Vatican had it up on their website with a disclaimer, “should not be understood as an official declaration of the Church’s teaching”. But these days, it seems as if “anything goes”.

  3. John* says:

    John Bugay and Jacob,

    Can I throw this grenade into the ring, and see what happens . . .

    Ever since the enthronement of Meletios IV in Constantinople in 1922, he and every one of his successors in that See even to this day have been both a Freemason and a puppet of the CIA.

    And the most senior Greek hierarch in Australia, Stylianos, is the leading Orthodox Freemason in Australia. Needless to say, he administratively relates to Constantinople, rather than Athens.

    A similar story could be told for the Antioch Patriarchy worldwide.

    And for the now dying Paris enclave of Russian Orthodoxy also from 1922 onwards.

    Go figure.

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