Beer Journal: Abita Abbey Ale

There is this Arab gas station in town that sells quality beers for well under the retail price (I’m pretty sure something illegal is involved, but I can’t prove it and I don’t want to know). I went there today to get a pint of this Chocolate Stout that has a relatively high alcohol content (but won’t get one drunk) and a rich taste.   They were out of that.  There was the Abita Andy Gator, which is an okay brew, but I wanted something more.

I saw they had an Abita Abbey Ale.  While I was initially wary, it did promise a “liquid bread” experience, and I love thick beers.  That’s what I left with. 


Opening:  Strong, bold opening taste.  Very fresh and clean. It promises a caramel taste but I didn’t notice it.

Finish:  Have you ever tasted an overipe fruit or strong tart taste?  That’s what it reminds me of, yet it wasn’t unpleasant.  

Overall:  4 out of 5 stars.  Will purchase again if there isn’t the chocolate stout available.  Not the best beer I’ve ever had (still partial to Nevada Stout) but superior to the Samuel Adams’ varieties.

3 comments on “Beer Journal: Abita Abbey Ale

  1. olivianus says:

    Ever had Old Rasputin? Hands down, best beer I have ever had.

  2. I’ve heard of it, but haven’t had it.

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