C-Mass (Review)

This book is an “application” of the principles of his previous Convict Conditionings. He references earlier exercises but often doesn’t explain them. You can google and figure it out.

He promises 20lb-30lb gains from bodyweight alone? Well, this is a half-truth. You probably won’t gain 20lbs of lean muscle anytime soon. However, he is right in contrasting training for neural strength (think Pavel Tsatsouline) and training for muscle growth.


I honestly learned a lot of new stuff. I’ve been doing a combo of kettlebells and bodyweight training for two years, and have done some form of weight training for close to two decades, and I still learned a lot of new exercises. And it works. I’ve gained close to 25lbs in two years from some variety of bodyweight training.

His dieting advice is mostly sound. You don’t need outside “help.” Eat a lot of hearty, manly food and work hard and you will be fine. Shucks, even drink a beer from time to time.

A lot of the sciency principles are sound and he does a good job explaining why stuff works.


As others have pointed out, the language is a problem. I’m used to the “bro” culture and I can get past some language. But dropping the F-bomb every page really doesn’t add anything. Further, while I am all for making fun of the “Be-liebers” and some of the slams towards the metrosexual Jersey shore community are funny, he overdoes.

I am not convinced that bodyweight purism is the way to go.   Pavel has shown conclusively that kettlebells can heal and rehab the body and add insane strength.    Further, I am not sure about dropping deadlift altogether.   It s a raw strength exercise with real life application.

And the truth remains, if you want to pack on real mass real quickly, nothing equals barbell squats.  Personally, I don’t do barbell squats because I don’t have the equipment, but it is the real mass gainer.  Even more, Wade praises guys like Saxon, Reg Park, and Steve Reeves, yet these guys all used forms of weightlifting.

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  1. Terry says:

    Good info. I currently do only two kettle bell exercises, Russian KB swings and American KB swings. What others have you found effective. I am more interested in core strength than adding bulk. Here is a link to a guy I get lots of great info from. His site contains a lot of great stuff. He is also a Christian.
    as far as weight training I had never done any of it until two years ago when I joined a crossfit gym. I am astonished at the great effects it had on my body. If I could only do two lifts the rest of my life it would be the overhead squat and the deadlift.

    • Today I worked back muscles. I did 2 x 10 on chin ups, 2 x 6 bridges, 2 x 6 bent press kettlebell, 2 x 6 horizontal pulls (chin up bar on the door, put my feet on the handle and pull my chest to the bar at a 50 degree angle; kind of like rows) and 2 x 8 lateral leg raises.

      Other days I will do deadlift or run a towel through two kettlebells and do heavy kettlebell swings. When I work shoulders I will do 2 x 8-10 hand stand push ups.

      If I want to pack on mass during leg day I will do front squats, but I don’t like them. Otherwise I do Tom Platz’s “Sissy squats” or one leg pistols.

      When I want to condition or do cardio, I up the kettlebell workouts and do cleans and snatches.

      In my opinion, the two best core exercises are KB bent presses and KB shoulder presses.

  2. Benjamin P. Glaser says:

    Where does one start from ground zero on a thing like this?

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