Did 2 of my PB comments get deleted?

I started a thread on Jack Chick at Puritanboard. Yes, I know he is off-base and I don’t take him seriously.  I intended several things to happen from that thread, one of which was to highlight Jesuitism and Conspiracy Theories.   When I got back from church, the thread was closed.   Not only were some of my comments missing, but those referencing Alvierdo were also missing.

As I tried to make clear–but that comment is now missing–I don’t really care whether Alvierdo was a CIA spy or not.   The other information about the Jesuits–claims that Turretin and Hodge were not afraid to advance–is public knowledge.  I did some research on Alvierdo and noted that two of his biggest detractors were Rome (no surprise) and Christianity Today (probably no surprise).

12 comments on “Did 2 of my PB comments get deleted?

  1. Terry says:

    I was following that thread and didn’t see the posts you mention. I have more to say about the situation but would rather say it privately.

    • Only one of my comments got deleted. SIvel’s comment got deleted, too. No matter. I am going to do a book review on Martin’s The Jesuits that will capture the same point.

      • I don’t follow the PB, but would have liked to read your posts. I’m looking forward to the book review; I have a good friend who is into Jesuitism and Conspiracy Theories.

  2. I used to be hardcore Conspiracy Theorist. I’ve backed off a bit. I know some guys who would see Jews behind every bush; others would see Nazis. Some would even see both! I have some basic theses on conspiracies:

    1) Psalm 2 says they exist.
    2) I think Jesuits are behind a lot of them.
    3) Reliable information is almost impossible to obtain.
    4) Yet, the mainstream media is lying to us.

    • Terry says:

      Can you mention one conspiracy theory that you think has the best evidence behind it? Sort of a C.T. 101 ? I grew up in northern Idaho so I have heard a few of them.

  3. Terry says:

    That is very interesting. I had not heard about that. The Captain was a Jesuit. Did the Jesuits have anything to do with the Kennedy brothers?

  4. Terry says:

    Are you referring to Alberto Rivero or someone else when you mention Alvierdo or is he someone else?

    • The thread is there, but not two comments–one by me and one by Ives. No matter. The same material will come up when I write my review of Martin’s The Jesuits.

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