Beer Journal: Dewar’s White Label

Yes, I know Scotch is not a beer, but I didn’t feel like creating a new category.  I normally avoid hard liquor but I realized I needed to be a good Presbyterian and drink Scotch. I didn’t want to splurge, which meant all of the good single malts were out.   I saw a good deal on Dewar’s White Label.


1.  Fairly cheap, but it isn’t rotgut.
2.  Mixes well with soda and quite good over rocks.


1.  Disgusting if taken straight.
2.  Doesn’t have a heavy peaty taste normally associated with Scotch.


2 comments on “Beer Journal: Dewar’s White Label

  1. Benjamin P. Glaser says:

    My wife’s maiden name is “Dewar” so I am required by law to drink it.

    But a good, inexpensive, scotch is Glenmorangie.

  2. John Bugay says: Proprietor is John Bugay. Not a relative, that I am aware of. But it’s pretty cool having a whole brand of wines named after yourself.

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