Beer Journal: Southern Tier’s Choklat

This may be the most perfect beer I’ve ever had.

Why do most people drink? To enjoy quality and to feel good and relaxed.  What is the number one problem with drinking:  the loss of rationality which leads to hangovers and destructive decisions.   Here is why this beer is great:   with its 10% alcohol content, it gives the “relaxed feeling” but it doesn’t have the hangover effect.  I doubt you will drink more than one because it is expensive and filling.   You literally get the best of both worlds.

It has a stout beginning and a chocolatey finish.   Most stores will sell around $5 a pint.   It’s somewhat pricey, but it is perfect for the “once in a while” special.  While it won’t give you a hangover, I would not drink it and drive or operate farm tools.

2 comments on “Beer Journal: Southern Tier’s Choklat

  1. justin says:

    Now, this beer looks amazing. I have had some good imperial stouts (ole raspy, stone’s imperial), but never a chocolate. You should join the Reformed Pub FB group.

  2. Matthew C says:

    Sounds very nice. I like Imperial Stouts.

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