You are only a Lutheran if…

I couldn’t resist commenting on the Tullian debate.  There is no point.  I agree with all of his critics.   What no one really understands is the heart of Lutheranism.  Scott Clark is saying that the Law Gospel distinction is reformed (and it is).  Tullian’s critics are saying too much of the distinction is Lutheran.

Here is the deal:  if you don’t hold to the ubiquitous humanity of Christ, you aren’t a Lutheran, plain and simple.


One comment on “You are only a Lutheran if…

  1. Trent says:

    I agree with you and his critics. I read some more of Tullian himself and he starts out good focusing and Christ and rightly so then muddles sanctification into nothing other than looking at the fact that we have been, supposedly, justified (no struggle against sin or anything or the notion to make one’s election sure). Just like with what everyone is saying when asked to clarify when he is being given the benefit of the doubt he doubles down.

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