Covenant and Economics

I was bored yesterday so I went to Lew Rockwell and perused some old Gary North articles (but only for the rhetorical verve).   I found this interesting gem that dovetailed nicely with John’s comments on Scottish Economic development.

North sees those countries who took the Old Testament seriously, especially its regard to Covenant and Community, and noted, other things being equal, that they became economic powerhouses. We can hazard a few guesses as to why:

  • Since God’s law came from God, to whatever degree it still applies today, its moral principles when applied to daily live have positive benefits (common sense realism even, since God’s world is reliable).
  • The covenant is future-oriented.  Interestingly, sound economic principles are also future-oriented.
  • Dominion economics:  North notes how the Dutch, a tiny country with few defenses and surrounded by powers, became a strong power: they simply worked hard and believed God would triumph in their labors.  The same with the Scots.

It’s further interesting that all these groups (maybe excepting the Armenians.  I did study up on Armenian Orthodoxy a few years ago, but the materials were too scanty to make it a worthwhile endeavor) engaged in frugality, innovation, and profit-and-loss.


2 comments on “Covenant and Economics

  1. John* says:

    Re your “interesting gem”:

    Quote: “Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity, in either 301 or 303″ (Lew Rockwell page)

    Fact: see Lucius’ descent hereunder:

    Joseph of Arimathea > Anna (Enygeus) [dau] > Penardun [dau]
    Arviragus (King of Siluria) > King Marius.

    Marius (above) = Penardun (above) > Coel I (old King Cole) > King Lucius.

    Lucius’ name in Welsh – Lleiffer Mawr (the Great Luminary or the Great Enlightener)

    Lucius openly confirmed his Christianity at Winchester in 156CE, and c170CE Siluria became the first Christian Kingdom on the earth. This is how he got his title Lleiffer Mawr (“enlightened” the Silurians with the Gospel).

    This was around half the time it took Armenia to be “enlightened” with the Gospel.


    Otherwise a good article.

  2. Angela Wittman says:

    I appreciate Dr. North’s wisdom. Thanks for this post and the link to his articles at Lew Rockwell. 🙂

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