Protestant Economic Ethics do matter

Warning, a little language and a few pictures are gross.  This is from a dormitory in Macedonia.  By contrast, Scottish Covenanters lived cleaner than this 300 years ago.  For contrast, here is the inside of John Knox’s house (he died in the 1500s, before plumbing or anything like that).

Here is Richard Cameron’s house


One comment on “Protestant Economic Ethics do matter

  1. John* says:

    It also might be an interesting exercise to compare Templars and “regular” Papal society.

    I am particularly thinking of the Templar obsession with running water for cleanliness purposes.

    Needless to say, and especially in Scotland, with the Templar friendliness with the Jews (no Templar Crusader ever did harm to the Jews unlike their Papal counterparts), the Jewish standards of sanitation, health and cleanliness thereby entered Scotland and were thus there for the Protestants to take up and make these a special Protestant project – thus the Knox house you see above.

    All in stark contrast to Makedonia.

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