What do you have to offer?

The commenter known as “Anti Gnostic” asks a perceptive question:

What does Orthodoxy offer that other communions don’t?

He gets the standard cliched answer:

“What Orthodoxy offers is the promise of communion with the incarnate God, and theosis, leading to the salvation of the eternal soul…”

He responds,

So does Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. And Wiccanism, if I bothered to check. So tell me, why should I believe Orthodox Christianity over any other belief system?

All metaphysical religions die on this field.  If you teach “timeless truths” and overcoming estrangement, then you cannot escape this criticism.  Modern Judaism is gnostic and so falls prey to the criticism.  Ancient Judaism died covenantally in 70 A.D.  Islam is a monster of a different sort.  I am not claiming that this makes Covenantal Religion–meeting a stranger–superior, but it does begin to answer the question.



6 comments on “What do you have to offer?

  1. Andrew says:

    For the little it’s worth, I agree – let’s hope you get a wider readership.

  2. olivianus says:

    I would take issue with your statement,

    “Ancient Judaism died covenantally in 70 A.D.”

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