The final shot in the patriarch debacle

And now it becomes legal.  (Warning:  somewhat graphic language).   I am encouraged that many theonomists are condemning VF, although DP’s old homeschool conference buddies are backing him.


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  1. Angela Wittman says:

    Jacob, I’m wondering where following Scripture is at in all this… Should they be trying this in the civil courts for all the world to see and mock Christianity? I read the article at WND and made several comments due to the young woman’s age (24 or 25 yrs.?) when the physical part of their relationship began, which changes things, IMO. In response I was mocked and compared to the Westboro Baptist cult. I now have a low opinion of what passes for a “Christian” these days. 😦

    • I didn’t read any of the comments at WND. That’s a good point. Long end of it: do traditional NAPARC (or heck, even CREC) churches honor Phillips’s church’s ecclesiastical sanctions? If there were some common overlap between Boerne Academy and NAPARC, then civil courts are automatically out of the deal.

      However, that raises the question whether someone could get justice at Boerne. I doubt that they could.

    • Craig says:

      If certain of the allegations as described in the complaint are true, then DP may be facing criminal charges as well (for things like battery and sexual assault).

      There are courts that are competent for certain kinds of cases. While a church can administer discipline toward the end of repentance, restoration, and/or excommunication, the church cannot prosecute a criminal case.

      With regard to this civil case, I think it’s obvious that Boerne would not have used its authority in discipline to direct DP toward any form of restitution/compensation for his sins…on the contrary, they, along with DP and VF, attempted to circumnavigate the civil authorities.

      Because the defendants in this scenario prefer avoiding the light of scrutiny and legal process, the defendant had NO other recourse, NO avenue for restoring her name, and NO way ensure DP receives some form of discipline so that his public career comes to a final end.

      Some of what I’m saying hinges on the accuracy of the complaint. I have read it, and some of it mis-states certain aspects of patriarchy (although it may reflect the flavor of DP’s teaching – I don’t know, I have never read his stuff). Further, some of the allegations would need further explanation…For example, I find it difficult to believe DP could “gratify himself” in the presence of the defendant while in a kitchen where others are nearby…anyone could have walked in at any time.

      • Craig says:

        I should add that we don’t know whether or not the plaintiff was purely a victim, or if she instigated the sexual sin in any way.

        The complaint tries to paint a picture where DP “groomed” her from the age of 15, but the facts, as presented, tend to show a picture where there is a significant gap between the time DP and the plaintiff’s family became friends and the sexual sin. Further, it appears that it was the fact the plaintiff became an adult that opened up the situation for these activities…in short, there is the potential that DP’s sin was not a long-term plan starting when the plaintiff was 15. If that’s the case, it is not unwarranted to consider if this sexual activity was mutually consensual.

        The results of the discovery will be enlightening. Certainly the defense will compel discovery as well.

      • Angela Wittman says:

        Thanks Craig! I agree with your assessment of this situation as it appears the assembly at Boerne didn’t have proper oversight where the young woman would receive a fair hearing. I also agree with your thoughts on certain parts of the complaint.

  2. I rarely read comments on any site. One theologian described hell as the comments section of a blog.

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