On Leavings….

If you read Called2Communion or Orthodox Bridge, you will get the impression that there is a steady (overflowing flood?) stream of Evangelicals embracing “Mother Church” (never mind that the two sites have conflicting claims).    The Ochlophobist weighs in.   Will anybody do damage control?


4 comments on “On Leavings….

  1. John Bugay says:

    Jacob, what’s your take on this?

    • on why people leave? I think many Protestants get mesmerized by claims on an “unchanging” church or Protestantism’s “chaos.” I think all of these are easily answered, but when you combine it with grievances (real or imagined) then I think that is why people leave.

      • John Bugay says:

        The Ochlophobist article you linked to seems to relate a flood of people leaving Orthodoxy. I know someone personally who was a convert to Orthodoxy, who later left (settling in a Reformed Anglican kind of mode). So I can see that happening.

        But what are your thoughts about the RC side. The CTC guys certainly do want to parade the stream of folks in. But do you have any insight about whether they are staying for any length of time? Some, certainly, but again, I’ve seen people who “convert” who then later leave.

  2. I don’t know how long they are staying. I think a lot of people who leave Evangelicalism for these “older traditions” soon realize the “revolving door” phenomena. I think the next few years will tell. I suspect RCC is about to have an explosive revolution.

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