Linkstorm on the Croall Lectures

One of the reasons that Anchorites have had such initial success into stealing Protestant sheep, is that Protestants really haven’t reflected on some of the conceptual–at least in the expression stage–shortcomings of key doctrines like penal substitution.  When someone offers a challenge, Evangelicals are quick to dismiss them as “liberal hippies.”  And they might well be hippies, but maybe sometimes they might have a point.  This is why I keep harping on Prof Bruce McCormack so much.  He has actually reflected on where we need to do more work.

One of the ironies here is that a key Protestant weakness is also shared by the Anchorites:  both are committed to classical substance-metaphysics and divine impassibility (which, I, too hold in a sense).   While many Anchorites are able to give very good challenges to Protestantism, they also suffer from the same problem.

Via Crucis did a good job in bringing all the Croall Lectures into one spot.

Brad Littlejohn has given a very thorough and engaging analysis of McCormack’s lectures.