GOP and the Counter-Promise of Monarchy

Saw this on a FB feed, to which I largely agree:

Poll after poll has shown that, on Obamacare, abortion, and other issues, more Americans are closer to the GOP than to the Democrats. Yet the GOP seems to lack a credible opponent to Hillary Clinton for 2016 and probably won’t win back the Senate. How can this be? Because Republicans cannot unite around a coherent and positive vision to offer voters. As a party, all they offer is a series of “no”s.

This is true to an extent.  The GOP won’t really decisively win because they ultimately represent the same thing as the Democrats.   I don’t think America will ever become a monarchy, but I’ve never viewed monarchy as such:  monarchy functions as an epistemological critique of modern liberal democratic politics.  To the degree that modern American politics continues to divide the populace without providing them acceptable alternatives, to that degree monarchy becomes a more viable and coherent option.