Yeah, well my God came back from the dead

My annoyance with the neo-Atheism movement is not the same as other Christians’.  I don’t take their arguments seriously.  I am annoyed simply because gifted thinkers like David Bentley Hart and Alister McGrath waste valuable time responding to them when they could be writing cool stuff on the Trinity.

Nay, the true challenge comes  from a renewed neo-Paganism.  On one hand neo-Paganism will never gain a huge following in the modern West.  To the degree that the modern West remains committed to political correctness, multiculturalism, and liberal democracy, neo-Paganism will always be a minority.  However, precisely to the degree that the above nexus (PC-multi-culturalism-liberal democracy) exerts negative pressure on otherwise traditional communities, we will see forms of neo-Paganism emerge as a backlash.

When George W. Bush was president, whenever traditionalists like myself pointed out his socialism, New World Order-ism, etc., we were attacked by fell0w Christian conservatives.   They told us go to Russia or just let the terrorists win.    When Obama became president and started doing the same things, only with greater intensity, everyone started talking like I used to talk.   People are becoming consistently dis-enchanted.  This provides a proper ground for neo-Paganism to emerge.

Why would it emerge?  For the past twenty years white people have been told to “eat shit” (excuse my language) by the elite establishment.  While there was still the semblance of an otherwise normal civilization in America, traditionalist conservatives just merely shrugged it off, arguing (correctly) that it could always be worse.  However horrible Obama might be, and our country is truly becoming a banana republic, the interesting thing is that no worst case scenario is truly implausible.  Combine this with the negative pressure continually exerted upon “traditionalist communities,” particularly the  young people, and you can see how neo-Paganism can form.

But why neo-Paganism?  Neo-Pagans, in one branch anyway, hearken back to old Norse mythology.   They are positing a warrior ethic, strong communitarian spirit, a beautiful landscape, noble, heroic, and beautiful people.   Contrast that with some Team Obama Gay Pride parade.  Yeah, it’s not a hard comparison.

Arguments for neo-Paganism are not that good. I seriously doubt any of them believe in Odin or Thor.  But intellectual arguments rarely carry the day.   Beautiful aesthetic arguments are equally powerful.

Why would Christianity be superior?  One of the reasons is that Odinism requires Christianity to survive.  Whenever we look at Norse culture, we are looking at it through the prism of a Christian outlook.   Odin has been tamed.  Gone is the depraved sex fiend and instead we see someone like Gandalf.  That is not the original Odin.  Your average Viking woman was probably not a Swedish model.  Hygiene, if Eaters of the Dead can be trusted, was iffy.  The glory days of Sweden and Norway happened after they were Christianized.

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