On writing my Christian Viking Fiction Book

I’ve always wanted to write a historical fiction book on Christianity in Scandinavia.  Pride of place goes to Lars Walker.  I cannot imitate his ability. I do think he has captured a fundamental idea that most bourgeois Christians gloss over:  pagan gods are actually demons and demons exist.     I do think that this is one area where new ideas are actually possible.  I had wanted to write a biography on Olaf II Haraldsson, since nothing exists on him exact historians’ sneering (and undocumented) slams.  I still plan to do that, but while there is good scholarship on this aspect of Norway, it’s out of my price-range for the moment.

Viking fiction remains one of those anomalies in Western culture.  It is a beautiful setting, a heroic people, and a glorious legacy.  Yet few fictional works, whether in film or in print, are actually any good.   To make it worse, the best Viking “re-telling” is the video game Skyrim!

But I don’t have the ability to write 500 pages of narrative at the moment.  And then I realized, “I don’t have to.”   This one Christian guy wrote a 90 page narrative and it was endorsed by Gene Veith.  Start small, I suppose.


2 comments on “On writing my Christian Viking Fiction Book

  1. As a 1/4 Swede, I too enjoy Viking culture and it’s collision with Christian Europe. Haven’t studied much but enjoy a good story. How do you feel about The History Channel’s “Viking” drama? I have only seen the first season but have been happy so far. I suppose the more one studies history the less one is able to tolerate historical fiction.

    • Olaf's Axe says:

      From what little I have seen, it is clearly superior in terms artistic perspective and film development, and the actors are pretty good. Most Viking films suck badly, and this is clearly one of the best.

      I question some aspects of their narrative, but that’s to be expected.

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