Books I plan to read in 2014

I saw titles like this floating around Facebook.  I suppose it’s an interesting enough exercise.  These are in no particular order:

  • Jenson, Robert.  Systematic Theology vol. 1.   He writes from what I call a “Baroque Norseman” Lutheran perspective.  He has mastered Barth and Pannenberg and is aware of the specific challenges raised by Eastern Orthodoxy.
  • Williams, Rowan.   Arius: Heresy and Tradition.
  • Barth, Karl.  Church Dogmatics I.2; II.1; II.2 (I have a plan that allows one to move through Barth fairly quickly without feeling overwhelmed).
  • Turretin, Francis.  Institutes vol 3.  I started this a while back but never finished it.
  • Augustine.  The Anti-Pelagian Controversy.
  • Horton, Michael.  People and Place (Mike Horton’s Kingdom Ontology is the only thing that can match and beat the “participationist” schemes.  Theonomists and Christian Reconstructionists will continue to ignore him at their own peril).
  • Dostoevsky, F.  The Idiot.   I’ve read most of his corpus and I’ve tried to start this novel a few times.  Never could finish it.
  • Nietzsche, Fr.  Basic Writings.  I am about halfway through.
  • Origen, Contra Celsus.   I read De Principiis a few years ago. I suppose I need to finish this one.
  • Plato, Laws.  I read the Republic and other dialogues a while back.
  • Ziehle, Modern Theological German.  Probably my next purchase.  I can pick up languages really well and part of my minor in college was in German.  The hard part is finding an interesting, consistent reading program.  This looks like it will do it.
  • Hammar’s German Grammar.  You ask it what time it is and he will tell you about the nature of time itself.   It doesn’t leave any stone unturned, but it overwhelms you with too much information.  I am about halfway through.
  • Torrance, Thomas. Theology in Reconstruction.   Even though I am sympathetic to Barth, I really don’t care too much for Torrance.   I side with McCormack’s reading.  Still, this is an interesting collection of essays.
  • Tolstoy, Lev.  Anna Karennina and War and Peace.
  • Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr.  Gulag Archipelago.  It will help me understand Obamacare’s next move.

One comment on “Books I plan to read in 2014

  1. Andrew says:

    That’s quite a list.

    My main reading project for 2014 is early-modern/modern European intellectual history. I’m also starting on Torrance, beginning with his lectures on the Incarnation and Space, time and incarnation.

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