Am I deconstructing the Fathers?

Do Protestants merely pick and choose the Fathers.  It is often suggested that our use of the Church Fathers is merely an exercise in deconstruction.   Maybe it is, but several issues need to be resolved first:

  1. What is meant by the term “deconstruction.”  Are we using it in the Plotinian-dialectical sense, the Hegelian sense, or the Derridean sense?  They are not the same.
  2. Give an example.
  3. Even if the contention is true, please explain in a non-circular fashion why this is bad.
  4. What about genuinely legitimate problems, like the Fathers’ commitment to substance-metaphysics?

2 comments on “Am I deconstructing the Fathers?

  1. justin says:

    What do you mean by substance metaphysics, and why is it problematic?

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