This could have been an interesting dissertation

What many conservative Protestants might not realize is that their supposed adversary, Karl Barth, employed a polemic against Roman Catholicism far more pointed than anything they can come up with.  When Reformed read (or more likely, not read) Barth, they simply think that he is “attacking the Bible.”  Leaving that aside for the moment, I see a far more recurring theme:  attacking Roman Catholicism and its claims to substitute a sacral lordship in the place of thefree Revelation of God (I.2, 227 passim).

What’s even funnier is that many Roman Catholics still praise him.  Hans urs von Balthasar wrote a book on him and one of the Pope’s called him the greatest theologian since Aquinas.   That’s particularly odd since Barth said the analogia entis is the invention of Antichrist!


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  1. Andrew says:

    I recently read John Webster’s book on Holy Scripture. As a positive statement of Protestant theology it’s excellent. Barth’s influence is clear enough (although I’ve only read Barth through secondary sources). And as you say, it really does offer a pointed critique of Roman Catholicism.

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