Other areas where Anchorites helped me

Some other places where studying Orthopraxis helped me in theological development:

Theonomy:  In case you don’t know, you simply cannot out-argue a theonomist.  They have a million counter-arguments to anything you might say.   You will not win.  They will not let you.   But when I was studying the fathers and different socio-cultures, along with the New Perspective on Paul debate, theonomy just didn’t seem important anymore.  I think I understand now what Paul meant when he warned of those who “wrangle over the law.”

Eschatology:   Some might say, “But Jacob, you are premil.  Orthodoxy, like Reformed amillennialism, holds to an Augustinian-Origenist framework on the millennium.”  Yes, I know.  One thing I never considered in earlier millennial debates is that the world, come the advent of Antichrist (which many in the rugged Russian tradition are very clear on, much to the chagrin of some ecumenists), the world will not be under his thumb in some Matrix type fashion.   Fr Raphael Johnson was very helpful in showing how some nations will rally around Christ (postmillennialists, there is your cue!) and others will submit to the New World Order.   That realization was breathtaking.  Apply that to a sounder exegetical model and you’re in business.  In the bio on Seraphim Rose Hieromonk Damascene connects a lot of dots on the UN.  I might post if I get around to typing all of that out.

High Culture:  Reading Rose’s bio got me more interested in Dostoevsky.   From Rose I listened to  Bach’s “Ich habe gennug.”  Fr Raphael Johnson got me interested in Vivaldi and Handel, which I then absorbed into my soul.