Vision Forum Renewed my Monarchism

(My Eastern Orthodox friends should like this, since most convertskii are hard-core monarchists).  I’ll make clear what I mean by monarchism:

  • I know there are difficulties in a monarchical government.
  • I am not advocating America become a monarchy.

I’ve been a monarchist in the sense that it functions as an epistemological critique of modern secular democracy (and “secular” can include conservatives).  I think the current American order is in a dialectics from which it cannot escape.  I do not think grass-roots movements will work on a large scale.  The godly kings and revivals in the Old Testament were usually top-down, not bottom-up.    Monarchism is an epistemological critique in the sense that, acknowledging its own faults and difficulties, it can stand outside the current American system and offer insight which is impossible from within the “voting dialectic.”

What does this have to do with Vision Forum?  Not a whole lot, admittedly.  I was remembering old debates on whether it was a sin to vote for anyone besides Peroutka.  Attacking the Republican party is easy and fun and something we should all do.   But there are also problems in third-party candidates which their advocates will never see.

PS:  Samuel Rutherford acknowledged the validity of monarchy in Lex, Rex.


2 comments on “Vision Forum Renewed my Monarchism

  1. Andrew says:

    One idea that attracts me to monarchy is the idea of the state in the anglophone tradition. Particularly legal personality and continuity, where the monarch becomes the state embodied. It’s not that an elected president doesn’t have these things but, it seems to me, that a monarchy represents them better, or at least has a greater potential to.

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