On the Orthodox Study Bible, Revelation 20

I was fairly harsh in the OSB in past venues, but I will admit that the study notes on the book of Revelation are fairly substantial.  I disagree with them, but they are more in-depth than most.  (For those who are interested, it’s basically standard amillennialism).


One comment on “On the Orthodox Study Bible, Revelation 20

  1. I like this passage in the notes,

    “While seen as canonical and inspired by God, the Revelation is the only New Testament book not publicly read in the services of the Orthodox Church. This is partly because the book was only gradually accepted as canonical in many parts of Christendom. In addition, in the second and third centuries Revelation was widely twisted and sensationally misinterpreted, and the erroneous teachings brought troublesome confusion to Christians– a trend that continues to this day.”

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