Beer Journal: Entry 1, Sierra Stout

Not really a deep theological topic, but it should prove interesting.   Today’s beer is Sierra Nevada Stout.  The first Sierra Nevada I had was a Pale Ale, which wasn’t bad but I am not much for lighter beers.  I like heavy and dark beers.

I wasn’t expecting just how dark it would be.   It was almost too stout (of course, such a thing is impossible).  Very good start to the taste but kind of “burnt” at the end.  8 out of 10 stars.


One comment on “Beer Journal: Entry 1, Sierra Stout

  1. Justin says:

    Never had their stout. A friend and i just brewed a batch of coffee stout. 10 cups of local-roasted, french-pressed goodness for a 5 gallon batch. Should be ready for bottling in a week.

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