I couldn’t have supported Gog and Magog

On one hand I am pretty sure I don’t know what Gog/Magog in Ezekiel really mean.   At most, we can say they are kings of the North and East.   I think most will agree to that.  When I was dialoguing with the True Orthodox/Slavic Nationalists they (correctly) pointed to a Russo-Iranian alliance aimed at Israel.   That’s fairly obvious geopolitical thinking and few would disagree.   I’ve since come out of that camp.  I didn’t immediately leave my anti-Israel thoughts behind.    I’ve had to re-evaluate what I think on Israel.  On one hand I am against the neo-con republican who thinks secular Israel is the most important entity in the universe.  Further, we must critique and reject some of Israel’s barbaric practices.   Indeed, Paul says they are “enemies of you” on this account.   Paul also says they still belong in God’s plan.   The most embarrassing moment for amillennial apologetics was 1948 (read Berkhof’s comments on premillennialism).

So if Russia and Iran attack Israel, whose side will I be on?  I don’t think Israel is the de facto good guy, certainly not secular Israel today nor the Talmudic rabbis.   But on the other hand, Gog and Magog are not good guys in the Bible, and God does promise a future for Israel (and that’s not just premillenialism; Bahnsen said the same thing).  Something just feels “off” about standing with Gog and Magog.