I’ll keep it open

I will keep this blog open and update occasionally.   My other idea I will shelve and slowly nurture into something like a “Post-Trib Research Center,” in direct contrast to another site of similar name.

I had wanted to write a Reformed response to the recent claims of some convertskii, but I wondered what exactly I had to offer that was new. I think I’ve got it now:   a premillennial, or more specifically, a chiliastic response to Anchoretic claims.   I see a two-fold strand developing: hermeneutics and the patrum consensus.  Ultimately, it’s the same thing:  if I can trust my senses to read the fathers objectively, why can I not  per the Scriptures?  Secondly, the patrum consensus is kind of embarrassing if the eschatology of the Nicene Creed forces us to reject Irenaeus’ eschatology.


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  1. Angela Wittman says:

    Thanks for keeping this blog open… You’ve got a lot of good things posted here. 🙂 If you start a new blog (or already have) please share the link. Thanks!

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