Turretin on worship, contd.

The objection arises concerning images that not all images in the Old Covenant were forbidden. Turretin responds that the law forbids not only latria, but doulia (I’ll explain the distinction:   Anchorites say we can offer doulia to the icons and images and saints, but latria only to the Trinity).  The Hebrew forbids even doulia (Hb:  th’bhdhm), “Do not serve them.”

Image and Exemplar

It is often said that honoring the image passes the honor over to the exemplar (e.g., God).  This will not hold, Turretin maintains.  It only works if the exemplar has so willed it and ordained it (which all sides easily admit this is not the case).  Further, the image is beneath the dignity of even man, who made them and preserve them, and we are forbidden in Scripture to worship the workmanship of man (Ps. 115:8, Is. 40:18, Jer. 10:14).



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