Patriarch Bartholomew on Abortion

I’ve known of this for a while, which is partly why I never got  his book on the Orthodox Church.   To be fair, he doesn’t believe that abortion is a good, but he tells the globalists exactly what they want to hear.   And please note that I am quoting from a pro-Orthodox site.  I should also say that Orthodox do a fantastic job on moral issues.  While Orthodoxy doesn’t have a Pope-figure, the See of Constantinople does have a primacy of respect and Bartholomew has the world’s ear.  Orthodox apologists need to own up to this and present a coherent alternative (I’ve always said the honor should move to Moscow).

Orthodox apologists got annoyed with me some time ago for criticizing Metropolitan Kallistos Ware’s book on the Orthodox Church (yes, it is a basic read but he does not deal in detail with any of the tough issues.  Honestly, it’s not that good, teaching authority in the church or no).   Kallistos Ware has liberalized over the past few decades and I wonder how close he is to Patriarch Bartholomew.