The reality of not rejecting FV entirely

but he removed not the high places

How to write this?  I don’t want to name names, for my own past is not pristine. Yet I have to wonder, is it good enough to reject the follies and errors of the Federal Vision movement but remain in communion with open Federal Vision supporters?


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  1. Well noted; those who remain in communions which openly tolerate FV teachers are partaking with them in their sins. If the FV is as serious an error as the FV opponents say it is then how can they remain in churches which tolerate false teachers who subvert the gospel. The PCA, for instance, has had a decade to deal with this and has not. Hence those who oppose the FV in the PCA need to exercise the only form of discipline left to them: leave.

  2. Benjamin P. Glaser says:

    Good post Jacob.

  3. olivianus says:

    Here is my dilemma Jacob:

    Every Church in my state subverts Orthodoxy in one way or another, I have found the FV Church to be the only one in my State that I can attend without wanting to go into conniption. They sing many songs, many of them A cappella. The only Church that is covenanter is an rpcna Church that is in Indiana about 45 minutes away and I despise them for their involvement in the Yankee invasion.

    I have spent most of the last 4 years without any Church and it has drove me into serious spiritual depression. What Church can I go to in the South that doesn’t subvert Orthodoxy?

    • olivianus says:

      That was supposed to be psalms not songs.

    • I understand. When I first started looking into the Reformed faith, Auburn Avenue was the church I visited when in town (I lived in Monroe). I didn’t know anything about FV then. And I can attest to a lot of things you mentioned: they do sing psalms and the worship is reverent (some of that is no longer true; this was 11 years ago).

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