Demiurgos, Arianism, Freemasonry

Plato is clear that the Demiourgos does not create ex nihilo, but out of pre-existent matter. Magic, for the post-Renaissance philosophers, was the manipulation of dead matter. Upon closer inspection, this turns out to be exactly the god of Freemasonry.  Let’s not leave the argument, yet. Plato places the Demiourgos within an ancient Egyptian narrative. Thus, Egyptian magic = Demiourgos = Freemasonry .  Reminds me of a funny scene in one of Robert Howard’s Conan stories.  Conan had infiltrated what was clearly a reference to an Egyptian temple whose acolytes would wait patiently while the snake god Set ate them whenever he willed, and Howards add “this was the will of Set.  Ah, but such was not the will of Conan,” and then Conan killed the snake or something.