Review of the pressure points debate

As I hinted at over at Orthodox Bridge, I wouldn’t have much computer time afterwards.  I haven’t.  I simply do not have any time during the week to engage in theological debate–not that it matters.  I suppose I could go one-for-one with Perry, but I would need all my notes out and at least several hours pouring through his comments.  I cannot and will not do that.   I do rest content, however, with Drake’s responses.  Some may not like that, but so be it.  A few things need to be said:

  1. Besides P.R., no one at Orthodox Bridge has seriously addressed my challenges (which aren’t new with me).
  2. I doubt few at Orthodox Bridge can really understand what P.R. is saying.  The only reason I can is because I spent four years reading all of the hard works he recommended on his blog.   Therefore, while PR might “win” in debate against me, I don’t think many will understand what he is saying.
  3. The reason I think Orthodox Bridge doesn’t understand what we are saying is because the nature of the criticisms at that blog are usually along the lines of “look how fragmented Protestantism is.”  That may be true and that might be a problem, but it’s not a deep analysis.