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I am going to keep this blog up and perhaps update a few times, but I’ve started a google site that will focus on a specific theme.  I am examining the hermeneutics of some post-apostolic communities and contrasting that with the later Neo-Platonic, Pseudo-Dionysian allegorizing.  From those contrasts I intend to draw theological inferences for our own day.


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  1. Mark says:

    I remember a premil scholar read to me an old Bible commentary, I forgot the name of the author, but the idea is quite sober. In Revelation 20 there is a first resurrection, this was treated by Augustine , per the author as regeneration, he then pointed out this very act or interpretation is a blatant denial of the authority of the scripture, seeing those who are to receive this resurrection are the martyrs whose head were chopped off for Jesus sake, so cannot mean regeneration whatsoever. When I embraced Dr. Whitby‘s interpretation several years ago, I realize the regeneration interpretation is just inconsistent, but the more I dig into other areas, the more I agree with this certain author, that for the dominant interpretation system of the infallible church, the scripture’s true senses are often denied.

    • That’s usually the line I use. Some amil scholars will point out that the NT uses derivates of esezan that do not refer to bodily resurrection (like when Ephesians and Colossians speak of “being raised with Christ”). That’s true, but as Alva McClain and others pointed out, “”If this verse refers to the new birth, then the martyrs were beheaded before they were born again”(MacLeod, 2000: 57). This interpretation introduces “the absurdity of having souls being regenerated after they had been beheaded for their faithfulness to Christ!” (McClain 1974: 488).

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