An observation on Banner of Truth

Something I’ve noticed:  with a few exceptions, Banner of Truth doesn’t touch the Covenanter question.  Scots Worthies and Fair Sunshine are fine titles, to be sure.   But those books deal more with the Covenanter piety and martyrdom in the face of high church statism.  Relatively little is dealt with specific Covenanter distinctives.  Most notably is Iain Murray’s A Scottish Christian Heritage, a fine book.   Of the many biographies not one deals with a Covenanter.  I have my suspicions as to why…


3 comments on “An observation on Banner of Truth

  1. In order to figure out why, all one has to do is read the Solemn League and Covenant and then compare it with the essentials/non-essentials distinction which the BoT alliance is built upon. Although the Banner has done much good in republishing various old writings, they are in the final analysis a latitudinarian and revivalist grouping.

  2. Clarpy says:

    I’ve been to some BoT conferences, up in Grantham, PA. They’re very good. Good people. And yes, we must thank them for publishing many of the Puritan works. But they will avoid the Solemn League and Covenant as thought it’s poison.

  3. Chris says:

    Their focus is on Calvinistic “Old Evangelicalism” and First Great Awakening type revivalism. It’s no accident that they chose Whitefield as their logo. “Letters of Samuel Rutherford”, Si. Rutherford’s “A Free Disputation against Pretended Liberty of Conscience”, No.

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