Americanism and New Year’s Resolutions

I despise the concept of New Year’s resolutions.   I sort of understand it’s pull, though.  People want to “change” and do better, and the (arbitrary) concept of a “New Year” helps them.   That’s fine.  My problem is that when the average American says “New Year’s Resolution,” usually meaning “to get in shape;” what he/she actually means is “I want to continue eating as many creme puffs as I can while watching TeeVee but losing weight because I am an American and I deserve to look good.”   These resolutions do not last the month.

Still, it’s not a terrible idea, so I will give it a try:

1.  Resolved:   to do 25 consecutive wide-grip, palms out chin ups (I can currently do twelve)
2.  Resolved:  to do 75 consecutive sit ups (I can currently do forty)
3.  Resolved:  to do 75 consecutive push ups (I can currently do fifty)
4.  Resolved:  To gain ten pounds of muscle mass
5.  Resolved:  to read Jonathan Edwards for fifteen minutes a day.
6.  Resolved:  to read Thomas Aquinas for fifteen minutes a day.