Towards a seminary curriculum

I don’t have any confidence in the future of Reformed institutional learning in America.  Even if they weren’t puppets for pop culture, albeit of a conservative variety, the poor market would preclude many prospects.  Still, it’s not dead yet. The following should form the basis of any Reformed curriculum:

Rutherford, Samuel.  Lex, Rex (Sprinkle).  It’s not just a political treatise.   Since it interacts with the Scholastic tradition, it also deals with ontology.  It also deals with applyiing biblical law to today’s situation.  And it will be come a hot-button issue if Obama wins the next election.

Gillespie, George.  Aaron’s Rod Blossoming.   The EP/C2C crowd offered a number of apparently cogent challenges to Reformed worship and historiography.  Many viewed them as unanswerable.  Gillespie had answered them long ago.  (In fact, it was Drake’s use of Gillespie that brought me out of that movement).  But today most seminary students won’t read Gillespie, because if they do they will ask their professors whether Gillespie, given his view on the Old Testament, could be hired at RTS.


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  1. Alphonso says:

    What’s EP/C2C?

  2. Have you ever got round to reading Alexander Shields’s “A hind let loose”?

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