An apologist arose who knew not Turretin…

If you ever read the debates between Orthos, Catholics, and Reformed, you can always guess what the next argument will be.  All players literally follow a script.   I think one of the reasons Drake got everybody so angry at him, is that he read Turretin and Rutherford, men even the Reformed of today do not read, and he did not follow the script, which meant that the typical rebuttals did not apply to him.

No one is impressed if you read Tim Keller and Mark Driscoll and then “refute” them.  More power to you.  I would be more impressed if you worked through Turretin’s arguments and refuted them.  I haven’t seen it happen yet.

(Interestingly, Turretin wasn’t translated into English until the 1990s, which means a lot of debates before then are simply out of date and irrelevant).


3 comments on “An apologist arose who knew not Turretin…

  1. Andrew Buckingham says:

    Well, alright then. I guess I know who I should be reading…Thanks, yo.

  2. Andrew says:

    Do you have any particular arguments of Turretin in mind?

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