The Creeping Liberalism of Anchoretism

As one who was often accused of convert-syndrome for the past four years, yet ultimately never converting, it is nevertheless interesting to watch how “converts” adapt parts of their theology and politics to distinguish themselves from their evangelical pasts.  As a disclaimer, I understand that many Protestant communions are liberal.  So what?  By the same reasoning, we can say that EO leads to Communism, but in both cases it is a logical fallacy.

I’ve been watching some EO apologists online and on facebook.  One in particular–D.W.–has come close to advocating state socialism.  He praised the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare.  This decision, mind you, effectively negated freedom in America.  He has elsewhere attacked the idea of national borders as “racist,” never mind that Marx attacked the very same thing.  He and others have embraced evolution (and by implication, rejected what the Bible, the Church, and the Fathers say about the image of God in man.  Presumably we must now find such an image in squirrel monkeys, from whom we descended).

But this isn’t representative of all Orthodox, is it?  Who knows?  Is the Episcopal Church USA representative of all Protestants?  If yes, then my above criticism applies across the board.  If no, then one is no longer allowed to run genealogical critiques of Protestantism.

So how does the average Orthodox believer line up on the liberal scale?   It’s really difficult to tell because, as Orthodox theologian Bradley Nassif concedes, few really know what the church teaches on this matter.   Are there Presbyterians who are ignorant?  Sure, but they belong to liberal communions. Baptists–by their own admission–do not count as Protestants.  Corollary:  the so-called “20,000” protestant denominations are almost entirely Baptistic, hence, they can’t be used as evidence of Protestant splintering.   I’ve been in quite a number of conservative Presbyterian churches over the past decade and the biblical knowledge, if not always outstanding, is still impressive.

Another question:  who is the real representative of EO:  Cradle Christopher or Hyperdox Herman?

And to prove I am not bashing anyone, Joseph Farrell said as much fifteen years ago.

I also write this because I plan to do a future essay on the likelihood of Armed Covenanting in America’s Future, and the socialist tendencies of some will no doubt figure in as an antitype of the Anglicans who persecuted the covenanters.


4 comments on “The Creeping Liberalism of Anchoretism

  1. Andrew Buckingham says:

    I’m right now of the mind that the general conservative Presbyterian has relatively decent Biblical knowledge because of our Old School Presbyterian heritage. But I know I am biased. Interesting points, Jacob. Thanks.

  2. jnorm says:

    You do know that Marxism in Russia was foriegn to it’s Orthodox ethos. The higher classess in Russian society spoke latin while the lower classes spoke Russian. Thus, the higher classes were westernized, and with the rise of Marxism, they forced a western idea down the throat of all of Russia.

    Also, some Baptists do want to see themselves as protestant, and to ignore the many different Presbyterian and Reformed denominations that exist in America is not being honest. They don’t call them the split P’s for nothing.

    But yes, there are a number of liberal and marxist people who also claim to be Orthodox. Big deal. This is for a variety of reasons. One of which is meeting non-Orthodox people in the class-room and work place, and thus adopting their ideas. If one goes to an Ivy league school then you are going to be indoctrinated with some type of progressivism. That’s just the way it is.

    • I am aware of that. My argument was deliberately fallacious. I spent the last three years defending Russian history. Zionists and New York bankers instigated marxism into Russia.

      I realize some baptists today want to claim Protestantism. They have no grounds for doing so. Protestantism is magisterial and the anabaptists’ whole identity is formed in negation to that! Of course, how many World Orthodox are consistent with Athanasius’s militant rejection of Ecumenism?

    • olivianus says:


      “You do know that Marxism in Russia was foriegn to it’s Orthodox ethos. ”

      >>>That is correct. My jesuit conspiracy authors see the rise of Marxism in Russia as a Jesuit attempt to overthrow the Orthodox Church in Russia precisely because they had resisted the papacy for so long. It is no accident that the Roman Catholic Lady of Fatima Hoax which called for the conversion of Orthodox Russia ended its festivities 2 weeks before the Bolshevik Revolution!

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