Puts a damper on voting in November

I won’t say I am full Covenanter now, but I am certainly leaning that way.


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  1. Canadian says:

    Not sure if you watched the interview with Putin tonight by RT.
    This is a facinating guy and he certainly doesn’t give pat answers like western politicians. Rightly or wrongly, this guy leads his nation and doesn’t take crap from anybody. His challenge of Kevin Owen on the Pussy Riot fiasco was interesting:

    Putin: You’ve been working in Russia for a while now and maybe know some Russian. Could you please translate the name of the band into Russian?

    RT: Pussy Riot the punk band,I don’t know what you would call them in Russian Sir, but may be you could tell me!

    Putin: Can you translate the first word into Russian? Or maybe it would sound too obscene? Yes, I think you wouldn’t do it because it sounds too obscene, even in English.

    RT: I actually thought it was referring to a cat, but I’m getting your point here. Do you think the case was handled wrongly in any way, could some lesson have been learned?

    Putin: I know you understand it perfectly well, you don’t need to pretend you don’t get it. It’s just because these people made everyone say their band’s name too many times. It’s obscene – but forget it.

    Here’s what I would like to say. I have always felt that punishment should be proportionate to the offence. I am not in a position now and would not like, anyway, to comment on the decision of a Russian court, but I would rather talk about the moral side of the story…….

  2. I fully support Putin’s actions. Like Putin, I am fully opposed to liberal democracy.

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