We are all fundamentalists now

I realize my moniker “fundamentalist” can scare some people.  But let’s keep in mind how Marsden, the official authority on North American fundamentalism, defined it:  a loose coalition of anti-modernist forces.   In 1999 one of Bill Clinton’s henchman (his last name was Cohen) gave a justification for the bombing of Serbia.  He said, “We are fighting a war against religious extremism and nationalism.”  Let me translate:  “We are fighting a war against people who believe their religion is true and love their country.”  Translate:  We are (soon-to-be) fighting a war against Middle Class American Christians.   Fulfillment:  The Obama Administration.

Without watering down our differences (which is impossible, as those who read my comments at Orthodox Bridge know), we should suffer together, if need be.

In a sign of ecumenism, allow me to point you to some “fundamentalists:”