A survey of various and useful theological sites

Just some sites I have found helpful.

The Orthodox Nationalist.   Easily the best podcast on the web.  Documents a lot of the problems and compromises in world orthodoxy.   HIGHLY recommended.  Lots of good stuff exposing the occult and New World Order

Energetic Procession.  It used to be a lot more interesting.  A lot of challenging material, which most convertskii and internet apologists use, but is limited by the fact that it assumes its readers have an insanely technical understanding of medieval philosophy.   People don’t like to admit it, but Perry is the godfather of all internet Orthodox “one-two” arguments against Calvinism.

Orthodox-Reformed Bridge:  Initially irenic.  Good essays by Arakaki.  The one on Calvin and the Icon was really helpful.  Claims to be a place of dialogue, but by “dialogue” they assume you will agree with what they say and will chastise you if you don’t.   The “Bridge” part of the title is a bit misleading.  I don’t recall many essays written by Calvinists.   It’s a one-way street.

Calvinist International.   Fairly irenic.  I’ve disagreed with Steven a lot over the years, but I’ve come to appreciate what he says.  Lots of good research here.  Dispels a lot of myths used by convertskii.

Green Baggins.  Reformed.   Usually good, but too many comments.  Helpful on keeping up with the latest in the PCA.

Triablogue.  Used to be really good on apologetics and analytic philosophy.  Some of the older apologetics post detailing Van Til’s problems were lost.   I haven’t found the site to be of much help in recent years.  Employs a tommy-gun approach to theological discussion.

Pious Fabrications.  When i was looking into Orthodoxy, I went here a lot.  Probably most famous for his debate with Rhology.   Some good material on apologetics and the early church.

Eternal Propositions.  Drake takes a lot of flak from people–and he probably thinks he takes some from me.  I like Drake, though, to the small extent I have interacted with his writings.   Drake was very helpful in giving a response to the Disciples of Perry and their arguments.  What sets Drake’s site apart is that he actually understands what both sides are saying.  I think that is why people get so angry with him.  He avoids easy answers and can provide cogent, well-articulated responses to the intellectual form of the convertskii.


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