The real “replacement” theology

Thesis: The church doesn’t replace Israel; Jesus does.

Every spiritual blessing was won by Christ. The new testament says these blessings are “in him,” and if we are in Christ, then they belong to us. All the promises of the Old Testament now apply and are fulfilled in Christ. Therefore, if we are united to Christ, then they are ours! The kingdom that God promised his people in the Old Testament is not some fuzzy, spiritual reality now-called the church. No, the kingdom is given to Christ and we, the church, experience it through him! (Moore, 119). And what does the resurrected Jesus inherit? He inherits the promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Acts 13:32-33)

The NT applies to Jesus language previously applied to Israel (Ex. 4.22; Matthew 2.15). So Jesus replaces Israel, not the church.

So it’s not the church that replaces Israel, but Jesus that replaces Israel–and the church by union in Christ share and inherit these blessings (heirs with God, fellow heirs with Jesus Christ).


2 comments on “The real “replacement” theology

  1. Andrew Buckingham says:

    Bold thesis. I can’t say I don’t appreciate the “Christo-centricity.” But I’m having to rack my brain for what I’ve learned about Covenant Theology. I’m gonna ruminate over this one before I make any assent. Thought provoking though. 🙂

    Christ is the head of the church. Not the church. I’m just trying to see what the logical conclusions of your statements mean. I do think some further elucidation can be found in reading those who are experts in “Covenant Theology.” Just my two cents, for now. Peace. -AB

  2. Andrew Buckingham says:

    *Christ is the head of the church. Christ does not equal the church.

    that’s what i meant

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