When at theological crossroads, follow–ye–holiness

And I follow holiness quite poorly.   One of the things that shook me up in the Reformed world was that there were many interpretations of doctrines which of themselves shouldn’t have been too central, but were made central by reactions to the Federal Vision movement.  I found myself quite attracted to, among other things, Federal Vision, theonomy, Reconstruction, etc.  While I wanted to be faithful to the Confession, I had my doubts on a few doctrines:  imputation, covenant of works, etc.

Unfortunately, none of these doctrines ever appeared in a vacuum.  Rightly or wrongly, it was part of a movement.  And I am sad to say, I followed some of the worst aspects of it.  It is not so much that my doctrine was wrong, per se;  rather, it was that the emphases overshadowed other things.

When I first came to the Reformed Faith I read nothing but Banner of Truth books.  There was a non-denomination Christian bookstore in Alexandria, LA that sold everything from Pentecostal wackiness to Banner of Truth, with the latter at a reasonable price.  I ate it up and my soul was continually warmed.  In the meanwhile, though, I got distracted by other things and it eclipsed this vision that the Banner of Truth had for holiness and the winning of souls. I have in mind primarily Iain Murray’s books.

As I was thinking about this the other day, I thought, “I really have my doubts about  Christ’s federal headship, covenant of works, etc., but these guys foster holiness in me.  They are reliable benchmarks.  While I am not going to turn my brain off, I am going to look at it a bit more openly and see if I missed something.


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  1. This post is actually quite convicting. I have been rather critical of BoT, and even made mention of my frustrations with them in a recent CPJ article, but it must be admitted that virtually no-one in BoT circles has ended up anywhere near as weird as many Reconstructionists have.

  2. Not FV says:

    The fact that some recon guys went wacky doesn’t convince me that everything the movement produced was unbilical, not does it reveal the underlying problem to my eyes.

  3. […] in devotion.  That is my own general observation.  I am not claiming that of Pr. Leithart).  Banner of Truth has gotten a lot wrong, but they are 100% correct in this […]

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